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Truck Parts

Truck parts are items necessary for the truck to run or function properly. They are distinct from truck accessories and other truck equipment in that those are used for style or convenience but have little to no effect on the trucks ability to drive. Truck parts can be purchased directly from the manufacturer or from aftermarket retailers.

Some of the most common truck parts include the distributer, water pump, and radiator to name just a few. A truck won’t make it far if any of these items are broken. Routine checks of these items can prevent you from getting stranded and can help you anticipate if they need to be fixed or replaced.

The distributer routes energy from the ignition coil to the trucks spark plugs in the correct order. Without this your car won’t start or stay running. The water pump and the radiator work in conjunction with one another to keep the engine either cool or warm depending on the necessary external conditions. Truck parts such as these should not be neglected if you want to have a good reliable vehicle.

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