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Truck Equipment

Truck equipment is always changing and evolving with the times. Truck equipment falls somewhere between truck parts and truck accessories in that although all are functional to some extent, equipment is slightly more so than accessories but less so than actual parts. They all serve purposes whether for style or necessity but can still be classified in these terms.

Some of the most popular items of truck equipment include billet grilles and hood deflectors. A billet grille is a secondary grille made of hard metal alloys that affixes to the front of the truck. Billet grilles offer extra protection and style and are often used in remote regions were it is necessary to frequently drive off-road through brush and shrubs and to help shield the car from a collision with animals such as deer.

Hood deflectors are a handy piece of truck equipment that protects the hood of the truck for insects and the like. They typically are a piece of plastic or similar substance that rises just above the grill an inch or two over the trucks hood causing insects to either hit this or to rise over the hood protecting the paint. A tinted variation of this design is sometimes used on the rims of the trucks windows to shield from the sun. 

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