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Truck Cover

A truck cover protects your vehicle from the elements and also from potential scratching or bumps that may occur. They are not to be confused with tonneau covers which protect the bed only. Covers come in many shapes and sizes and can be made to accommodate any truck.

When selecting truck covers the first thing to decide is what kind of cover you want. Does your truck have a shell? If it doesn’t will you want to get one. What accessories does your truck have that may affect its shape or dimensions? Before investing in a truck cover, the most important thing to remember is that you should be rather happy with your trucks appearance so that the cover you buy will remain functional for many years to come.

A truck cover can usually be purchased right from the manufacturer, especially if you are leaving your truck stock. The dealer may also offer some covers to account for shells, and other such modifications. But if your truck has been heavily altered, online retailers may be the best place to purchase a cover. It may even be necessary to have a custom cover made, a service which can be found both locally or online. 

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