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Truck Bed Covers

A tonneau cover is a device that covers and protects a trucks bed. Truck bed covers such as these have long been in fashion. They emerged early in automotive history to cover any compartment in a vehicle that was left open to the elements, not just trucks. It was not uncommon for early automobiles rear seats to be roofless. Inclement weather could wreak havoc on these compartments so the tonneau cover was invented; tonneau is a French word used interchangeably to mean cask, container, or cover.

In modern times, the word tonneau has become somewhat antiquated and they are typically just referred to as truck bed covers. There are a few different styles of cover, the most common being either supported cloth or plastic that tautly covers the trucks bed. A variation of this design can often be seen on smaller SUV’s which have removable hardtops for summer driving. These covers are called ‘bikini tops’ are quite commonly seen on Jeep Wranglers and older model Ford Broncos.

Perhaps the most popular truck bed covers on the market today are constructed of hard fiberglass or plastic. The reason for their popularity is that they offer the best protection and are generally considered to look the best. They most often are painted to match the truck and usually can only be opened with gas powered assistance. They are also the safest in that, though all covers can be locked, only a hard covers ensures that a would-be thief cannot force entry. Whatever cover suits you best, they can be found either locally or online.


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