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Truck Accessories FAQs

What is a Pakistani Art Truck?

A Pakistani art truck is essentially a roving art gallery that is very popular in Pakistan and other nearby Central Asian countries. These are not uncommon despite the cost of building them. The average owner spends about three to five-thousand dollars customizing them after the purchase of the truck itself. Styles and designs literally change from city to city and usually include both art and poetry. Some regions rely heavily on wood while other areas prefer plastic or camel bone.

What is Dekotora?

Dekotora, much like the Pakistani art truck, is a heavily modified and decorated truck popular in Japan. Unlike their Central Asian counterparts, Dekotora emerged in the 1970’s when truck parts were quite scarce so industrial workers began manufacturing their own replacement parts for their company trucks. Soon it became not merely functional but artistic and different companies and groups within companies would vie to create the most original trucks.

Why do British people call trucks lorry’s?

The term lorry has long been used in the British Iles to describe any sort of wagon, tractor, or hauling device. The term has come to refer to any large or industrial sized truck. It is not used to describe smaller personal trucks or SUV’s.


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