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Truck Accessories

Truck accessories really didn’t become popular until the 1990’s. They can be defined as any aftermarket device that enhances the look of the truck or some aspect of its performance or utility. They are differentiated from truck parts in that a truck part is something necessary for the truck to run.

Light-weight trucks were simply considered utility vehicles for most of their lifespan, but the nineteen-nineties changed that perception as many manufacturers began releasing more styles and sizes of trucks such as extended-cabs and shortened beds. This made them not mere work-horses but stylish urban rides that demanded a new attention to appearance. Aftermarket manufacturers were quick to pick up on this demand and fill the void of truck accessories in the market.

Some of the most popular truck accessories to emerge out of this demand were nerf bars, autocarts, and bed extenders, even custom rims and floor mats. The nerf bar originated as a tool for race cars to bump one another when passing to protect the car and keep the wheels from entangling. Essentially, they are long hard metal bars that run the length of the car near the undercarriage. They were modified for trucks both for style and to act like a running board helping a person step into the truck. An autocart is basically a toolbox that sets in the front of a trucks bed for extra storage for tools or gear. Lastly, the bed extender does just that, it gives the trucks bed a little extra length.


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