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The first truck was created in 1896 by Gottlieb Daimler. And in the hundred years plus since then, they have become an important part of our day to day lives. They are our means of moving goods from perishable items to other cars even. In America the term truck is used to describe any slightly larger vehicle with a bed. In England the term ‘lorry’ is used but would almost never refer to anything smaller than for industrial use. The term truck is believed to have been a derivation of the Latin word ‘trochos’ which means wheel. Before the advent of internal combustion engines, large wheels were sometimes called trucks colloquially by Americans.

Whatever you choose to call them, trucks have rightfully earned a place in modern society and come in many styles and designs to suit many different needs. Perhaps the most recognizable trucks are semi-trucks which are used to haul and transport all manner of goods. Another popular truck widely in use today is the Mack Truck which is made by Volvo and is used mostly in industrial projects and construction. But more than likely, you’re more interested in the common American pickup truck which can be used not only for utility but also for having fun.

Americans take their trucks very seriously and there has been longstanding rivalry between many companies. Perhaps the most notable, is the rivalry between Ford and Chevrolet, although all American vehicle manufacturers have fiercely loyal followers. Recently however, Japanese manufacturers such as Toyota have successfully converted many stalwart American Truck buyers to their own products. Whichever make or model you prefer, you’ll want to make sure you have the best truck accessories, truck parts, and truck covers to keep her safe.

Whether you’re taking your truck boating, pulling RV’s or a trailer, or maybe even racing it in Moab Utah you’ll want to make sure it receives the best possible care and equipment to serve you for years to come. Truck accessories such as trailer hitches, mud flaps, and roll bars may be just the ticket. Good truck parts are also essential to maintaining a reliable vehicle and making sure you get the most out of its life. A truck cover can also protect your paint from inclement weather and also protect it from nicks and scratches. Floor mats will keep your floors clean and custom rims are often purchased to personalize and improve the truchs look. Whatever your needs, we hope to help fill them the best we can.

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